Convert Bootable To Normal USB or Pendrive


In this article, I am showing you how you can Convert Bootable To Normal/non-bootable/unbootable your USB (PENDRIVE) easily and use it for external storage device normally. There are so many third-party software available on the internet for this. But we don’t need to download that kind of software, because those software does not work properly sometimes. So I have shown all steps for Convert Bootable USB/Pendrive to Normal USB/Pendrive without any third-party software in this article.

So you just need to put some commands in “CMD” (Command Prompt) for Convert your Bootable USB to Normal USB. You can also watch the video is given below for better understanding…

So Let’s Begin…


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CMD Commands For Convert Bootable To Normal USB


1. First of all open CMD (Command Prompt) by press +R and type “CMD” then press Enter/Ok.

convert bootable to normal usb


2. then you will press Enter, there will appear a new window and you have to type a command on that diskpart. and then one more new window will appear. Now close window first one.

convert bootable to normat usb


3. Now You have to type all commands in the new window. type first command list disk and press Enter. There will appear all of your disks.

convert bootable to normat usb


4. Now you have to choose the exact disk. If you will choose the wrong disk you might be format your internal drive. So be aware and careful while you choose the drive for format. You can easily find that drive by its specific memory ie: 2gb or 4gb or so on…
When you will sure for which disk you want to format then type command select disk 1.

Note: Select Disk by it its number and memory ie: select disk 0, select disk 1. I have raised command select disk 1 because in my case my USB is showing disk 1.

convert bootable to normat usb


5. After selecting your drive now clean your drive by command clean and press Enter.

convert bootable to normat usb


6. Now you have to raise a command create partition primary for create your drive to primary partition and press Enter.

convert bootable to normat usb


7. Then put command for format your drive, command is format fs=fat32 quick

convert bootable to normat usb


8. Congratulations! Now Your USB/Pendrive is Normal as it’s time of purchase. Now put command exit for exit command prompt.

convert bootable to normat usb


So What You Think Now?

Many of you will be saying that why I use CMD to format my USB to back it normal instead of format directly by selecting fat32? So my answer is that this method is not working perfectly by format directly. because direct format can’t delete some files from bootable drive. And after a normal format, your drive will show categorized content/data in it. So this is the only one and best method to Convert Bootable To Normal/non-bootable/unbootable your USB (PENDRIVE) which I explained to you.

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