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So, To make a Multiboot USB, there are many third-party software available on the internet. And now I am going to talk about one of them. The software which I used for Make Multiple Windows Bootable USB / Multiboot USB, the name of that is WinSetupFromUSB. You can Download this Software easily for free. And also you must have download Windows ISO (Image) files. Download only those Windows ISO (Image) files that you want to add on your Multiboot USB. ie: Windows7, Windows8, Windows8.1 or Windows10. You can also watch the video below for a better understanding…

So Let’s begin…


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So, How To Make Multiple Windows Bootable USB?

1. Download software WinSetupFromUSB and Extract it on your computer.

2. Open the Extracted folder, and choose the file according to your operating system. ie: bit32 or bit64. And double click on that file to open software.



multiboot usb



3. So, Now insert your USB/Pendrive to your computer (Minimum 16GB required). When you will insert your USB to your computer then the software will auto-detect that USB/Pendrive. If the software will not auto-detect then just click on Refresh Button and it will detect your USB/Pendrive.



multiboot usb


4. Okay! Now is the time to choose the first Windows ISO (Image File). So, mark checkbox Auto Format It With FBinst. And Fat32 will auto-selected, Don’t change it.

Note: Mark checkbox Auto Format It With FBinst only for the first ISO file. Don’t mark it for further ISO files. Otherwise, your USB will be formated again and data will be lost.



multiboot usb


5. So, Now mark checkbox which Operating System you want to add first. ie: 1st checkbox is for WindowsXP, 2nd checkbox for Windows7, Windows8, and Windows10. And then click on the Browse button to choose your ISO file.


multiboot usb



6. Superb! Now mark checkbox  Advanced Option. And a new pop-up window will appear. Now mark checkbox  Custom Menu Names.


multiboot usb


7.Well done! Now close the newer pop-up window and just click on Go Button. And you will get format warning, just click on OK.

multiboot usb  multiboot usb


8. So, now you have to type your 1st boot name and then windows name. Then processing will start, and time will consume according to your system speed. And after processing don’t close the software.

multiboot usb multiboot usb


9. Okay! After processing done message, don’t close the software and choose another ISO file for 2nd Boot.

Note: Don’t mark the Format checkbox this time. This checkbox mark should be for 1st boot only.

multiboot usb multiboot usb


Congratulations! Multiboot USB is created.

So, Now repeat all steps again to add more boot’s. Just skip one step that marks the format checkbox. Because we don’t need to formatting again. smile

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multiboot usb
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