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multiboot usb

Multiboot USB | Make Multiple Windows Bootable USB

  So, To make a Multiboot USB, there are many third-party software available on the internet. And now I am going to talk about one of them. The software which I used for Make Multiple Windows Bootable USB / Multiboot USB, the name of that is WinSetupFromUSB. You can Download this Software easily for free. And

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make a beautiful website

Make A Beautiful Website In 10 Mins

    Make a Beautiful Website is so simple and easy nowadays. You don’t need much knowledge of Coding or Computer Language to Make a Website. you can easily Make a Website By Drag and Drop. The best Website Builder nowadays is “WordPress“. And the “WordPress“ website builder is totally free for all. If you want to Make a Website, then go for “WordPress” I strongly

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WhatsApp on PC

Whatsapp On PC Without Blue Stacks

  So, Run “Whatsapp On Pc” Computer/Laptop without “Blue Stacks“ or any other “Windows Android Software” is very easy and simple. You just need to open “Whatsapp Web” on your PC in any Browser like “Google Chrome” or “Mozilla Firefox“. Then open Whatsapp on your Mobile, and open Option Bar and click on “Whatsapp Web”.     Now your Mobile Camera will open automatically and start scanning for “QR Code“.

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repair corrupted memory card

Repair Corrupted Memory Card or Pendrive

  For Repair Your Corrupted Memory Card or Pendrive you just need to raise some commands in “CMD” (Command Prompt). And your “Corrupted Memory Card” or “Pendrive” will be repaired like new. But if there is any physical damage in your device then this procedure will not work on that. I have shown all the steps for Repair your Corrupted Memory

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increase memory of memory card

Increase Memory of Memory Card or Pen Drive Review

  This article is a review about Increase Memory of Memory Card/SD Card or Pendrive fake or genuine. I have shown all the steps for how to Increase Memory of Memory Card/sd card or Pendrive in this article. I have tried many tricks for Increase Memory of Memory Card/sd card or Pendrive. Now I am talking

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convert bootable to normal usb

Convert Bootable To Normal USB or Pendrive

  In this article, I am showing you how you can Convert Bootable To Normal/non-bootable/unbootable your USB (PENDRIVE) easily and use it for external storage device normally. There are so many third-party software available on the internet for this. But we don’t need to download that kind of software, because those software does not work

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